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15w wireless charge for smart phone

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WPC standard5W   15W

Input power15W constant frequency

Support adapter9V/2A  12V/1.5A

Input voltage9V/12V

Max output power22W

Charge efficiency83.70%

Standby electricity<30mA

Charge height: 3-8mm

Light colour: Green


●Warm prompt

Please read carefully the instruction manual and use it properly based on the instruction manual.Let you  understand our product quickly and more convenience.

●Operation instructions

1.Connect fast charge and adapter,it will show green light,and put mobile phone on the fast charge ,the mobile phone display charging ,if  it  show charging disconnect or big noise,please put the mobile phone again.

2.When fast charge is not charge ,it is standby.


1.Safely fast charge , Intelligent recognition charging phone

2.No radiation,No harm to the human body

3.Soft light no influence to eye


1.Do not throw the fast charge in the fire or placed in any overheat environment.

2.Do not disassemble the fast charge for any form of maintenance and modification.

3.The buyer should offer full instructions and warnings for minors user before using this fast charge.

4.All products are passed strictly quality inspection before out of factory, if  you find the fast charge overheating, peculiar  smell,deformation,etc,please stop using immediately and contact with manufacturers agents.

This product is offered 3months warranty service from the date of purchasing.

Warranty conditionWhen you need warranty service,please show the warranty card with fully details filled.

Warranty range:

1.Quality problems occur under normal use.

2.The damage caused by improper way of operation is not covered by this warranty.

3.The fast charge that is disassembled is not under warranty.

4.No labeled on the fast charge is not under warranty.

  • Depth WPC standard:5W 15W
  • Headphone no have
  • Height 9mm
  • Video System:PAL/AUTO/NTSC no have
  • Weight:1.3KG 75g
  • Width 100mm

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